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ReNEUAL Steering Committee

Prof. Jean-Bernard Auby, Paris [cv]

Prof. Giacinto della Cananea, Rome [cv]

Prof. Deirdre Curtin, Amsterdam [cv]

Prof. Ian Harden, Sheffield [cv]

Prof. Joana Mendes, Amsterdam [cv]

Prof. Jens-Peter Schneider, Freiburg [cv]

Prof. Marek Wierzbowski, Warsaw [cv]

Prof. George Bermann, New York [cv]

Prof. Paul Craig, Oxford [cv]

Prof. Diana-Urania Galetta, Milan [cv]

Prof. Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Luxembourg [cv]

Prof. Oriol Mir, Barcelona [cv]

Prof. Ulrich Stelkens, Speyer [cv]

Prof. Jacques Ziller, Pavia [cv]


ReNEUAL comprises senior and junior scholars of national and EU administrative law from leading institutions throughout Europe and beyond.


Working Groups

ReNEUAL is structured into four working groups:

WG1 - rulemaking

team leaders:

Prof. Deirdre Curtin
Prof. Herwig Hofmann
Prof. Joana Mendes


WG2 - single case decision making

team leaders:

Prof. Paul Craig
Prof. Giacinto della Cananea
Prof. Oriol Mir
Prof. Jens-Peter Schneider

WG3 - contracts

team leaders:

Prof. Jean-Bernard Auby
Prof. Ulrich Stelkens
Prof. Jacques Ziller

WG4 - information management & overall structure

team leaders:

Prof. Diana-Urania Galetta
Prof. Herwig Hofmann
Prof. Jens-Peter Schneider