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ReNEUAL Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedure

ReNEUAL working groups have developed a set of model rules from 2009 until 2014. The ReNEUAL Model Rules 2014 are designed as a draft proposal for  binding legislation identifying - on the basis of comparative research - best practices in different specific policies of the EU, in order to reinforce general principles of EU law. For the 2014 Online version see:

  • Foreword by the European Ombudsman document

  • ELI/ReNEUAL joint statement document
  • Introduction to the ReNEUAL Model Rules / Book I – General Provisions document
  • Book II – Administrative Rule-Making document
  • Book III – Single Case Decision-Making document
  • Book V – Mutual Assistance document
  • Book VI – Administrative Information Management document
  • Compilation of the ReNEUAL Model Rules (Books I to VI) document


In 2015, the ReNEUAL Steering Committee agreed on an updated English version of the Model Rules taking into account discussions following the translation of the 2014 Online version into various other European languages.

For the updated 2015 version [model rules only] see → document

The updated version of 2015 is the basis for the English print version of the Model Rules - including linguistically improved introductions and explanations. The English print version has been published containing an additional comparative chapter ('Administrative Procedure Acts: History, Features and Reception') in 2017 by Oxford University Press (OUP): → publisher's website


For other language versions based on the updated 2015 version see:

  • French: La codification de la procédure administrative de l'Union européenne - Le modèle ReNEUAL
    → publisher's website
  • German: ReNEUAL - Musterentwurf für ein EU-Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht
    publisher's website

  • Italian: Codice ReNEUAL del procedimento amministrativo dell'Unione Europea
    publisher's website
  • Polish: ReNEUAL Model kodeksu postępowania administracyjnego dla Unii Europejskiej
    publisher's website

  • Romanian: Codul reneual de procedura administrativa a Uniunii Europene
    publisher's website
  • Spanish: Código ReNEUAL de procedimiento administrativo de la Unión Europea

  • Japanese: 山本隆司「EU行政手続法模範草案の分析」行政法研究2743-100頁 (2018年)

    → document

On the basis of an agreement signed in July 2012, ReNEUAL has cooperated on this project with the European Law Institute (ELI). → For further information


ReNEUAL supports the European Parliament's initiative for a Law of Administrative Procedure of the European Union.
For further information, please consult:


See also the following documents:

  • Jens-Peter Schneider, Klaus Rennert, Nikolaus Marsch (eds.) ReNEUAL-Musterentwurf für ein EU-Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht - Tagungsband. Dokumentation der Fachtagung im Bundesverwaltungsgericht vom 5. und 6. November 2015, C.H. Beck Verlag, München 2016 → publisher's website
  • Diana-Urania Galetta, Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Oriol Mir Puigpelat, Jacques Ziller: Context and legal elements of a proposal for a Regulation on the administrative procedure of the  European Union's institutions, bodies, offices and agencies (RIDPC 2016/1) → document

  • Diana-Urania Galetta, Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Oriol Mir Puigpelat, Jacques Ziller: The General Principals of EU Administrative Procedural Law. An In-Depth Analysis (RIDPC 2015/5) → document
  • Edoardo Chiti, Adelante, con juicio: la prospettiva di una codificazione dei procedimento europeo (Giornale di diritto amministrativo 7/2014) → document

  • Jacques Ziller, Alternatives in Drafting an EU Administrative Procedure Law (November 2011) → document

  • Oriol Mir Puigpelat, Arguments in favour of a general codification of the procedure applicable to EU administration (March 2011) → document

  • Jacques Ziller, Is a law of administrative procedure for the Union institutions necessary? Introductory remarks and prospects (March 2011) → document

  • Jacques Ziller, Towards Restatements and Best Practice Guidelines on EU Administrative Procedural Law. Note to the European Parliament´s Committee on Legal Affairs – Working Group on EU Administrative Law (October 2010) → document

  • ReNEUAL Steering Committee, Towards Restatements and Best Practice Guidelines on EU Administrative Procedural Law (March 2010) → document

  • George Bermann, A Restatement of European Administrative Law: Problems and Prospects (2009) → documents